The First Smartphone Game by Nintendo is Launching in the U.S. This Week

After a resounding success in Japan, Nintendo is about to release its first smartphone-based game in the United States and will likely expand its reach to other regions too. Although it is broadly being referred to as a “game,” the new product, “Miitomo,” is akin to a social network that’s based on Mii figures, which have shaped Nintendo’s identity in the past few years. Mii figures, which have a round head and cartoonish avatar, can be created by players.

Now, Nintendo has taken the Mii figures to the next level as users will be able to use these cartoonish avatars to communicate and socialize with others on the same network. They can do so via sharable photos, chats, and quizzes – customizing their Miis according to their will even as they socialize. In a bid to further monetize the new product, Nintendo will allow users to buy accessories and outfits for their avatars. An interlinking feature with Twitter and Facebook has been enabled, too, so that users can populate their friends list easily and quickly. In the United States, the app will first be rolled out on the iOS and Android stores.

Miitomo has seen much success in Japan, where it got a million users within merely three days of its launch. Not surprisingly, the app made a memorable debut by coming in second in Apple’s App Store’s Japanese version.

The app is not exactly what Nintendo fans had visualized when they first heard that the company would begin making games for smartphones, expanding its console-based business. However, the product that eventually came from Nintendo’s stables did show that company wants to build a wider mobile strategy and not place all of its bets on a mere game. It’s a smart move in that it goes beyond simply taking its existing games catalog and converting them to be compatible with modern devices.

The company is also launching something known as My Nintendo, a rewards program that will encourage people to use more products and services from Nintendo.


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