Ability to Increase Shelf Life Ensures Bright Future of Specialty Ingredients Markets

Specialty ingredients are used in foods and beverages, health and nutrition, as well as in cosmetics and personal care products, to add a specific benefit to the core recipe of the product, making it advantageous to both the consumers and the manufacturers. The benefits that specialty ingredients provide include improved taste, enhanced texture, longer shelf life, more nutrition, and better visual appeal, among several others.

Specialty Ingredients Market to Exhibit 6.60% CAGR 2015-2021

Major specialty ingredients used in food and beverages include:

1.    Corn Sweeteners     
2.    Crystalline Fructose
3.    Citric Acids
4.    Enzymes
5.    pH Control Salts
6.    Proteins
7.    Flavors
8.    Flavor Enhancers
9.    Fats and oils
10.  Soy Protein
11.   Vegetable Proteins
12.   Bioactives
13.   Colorless Fiber
14.   Flavorless fiber
15.   Preservatives and Antioxidants
16.   Vitamins and Minerals
17.   Textureless Fiber
18.   Starches
19.   Food acids
20.   Emulsifiers

The specialty ingredients market is expected to exhibit a CAGR of 6.60% in the period from 2015 to 2021, according to a report published by Transparency Market Research. The growth of the market is attributed to the increase in demand for personal care products, the growing food and beverages sector, and the growing health awareness among the global population.

Avoiding Food Wastage by Use of Specialty Ingredients

Specialty ingredients such as salts, acids, antioxidants, flavors, flavor enhancers, citric acid, starch, vinegar, and corn syrup solids are used in a variety of foods and beverages to increase their shelf life as well as to preserve their freshness, flavor, and nutrients. This helps in avoiding wastage of food due to bacterial growth, souring of dairy products, and deterioration of food in general. Foods and beverages are prone to rotting or perishing due to a combination of high temperatures and humidity, which are conditions conducive to the growth of microbial cultures. As such, the inclusion of specialty ingredients in foods and beverages to increase their shelf life has saved a large quantity of food products from being discarded. In fact, two or more specialty ingredients are used in some food products to enhance the food quality and protect it.

Similar to increasing the shelf life of food products, many of the leading manufacturers of specialty ingredients are focusing on developing and introducing specialty ingredients that can be used to increase the shelf life of personal care products.

Growing Demand for Natural Specialty Ingredients in Personal Care Products

An increasing number of people are obsessed about reversing the aging process and maintaining a younger looking skin. Thus, there has been a growing demand for anti-aging products. As more and more people are becoming aware of the negative effects of chemicals used in skin care products to show quick results, the demand for safer replacements is growing. Consumers are demanding the use of natural specialty ingredients such as antioxidants, additives, antimicrobials, and others as opposed to harsher chemicals. Thus, synthetic specialty ingredients are being replaced by the use of natural specialty ingredients, especially in India, Indonesia, South Korea, and China.


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