Growth of Global Fire Alarm Equipment Market Attributed to Strict Implementation of Safety Guidelines

Considering the increased frequency of security issues and fire accidents, the fire alarm equipment market has achieved maturity over the years and at a global level. However, constant innovations – in technology as well as product – keeps this market dynamic and constantly expanding.

There are a variety of fire alarm systems and equipment available in the market today, such as smoke detectors, heat detectors, and flame detectors, which are used in public buildings, private buildings, commercial spaces, and industrial settings. Fire alarm equipment finds application in chemical factories, warehouses, theaters, airports, churches, drilling platforms, office buildings, waste treatment facilities, pumping stations, hotels, laboratories, large-scale garages, power plants, packaging facilities, apartments and houses, treatment facilities of chemical solvents, heat treatment, all kinds of ships, hospitals, museums, sewage plants, filling stations of inflammable fluids and gases, schools, cultural monuments, and petrochemical.

Surge in Building and Construction Activities Driving Demand for Fire Alarm Equipment

The fire alarm equipment market has been exhibiting strong growth and is forecast to witness steady growth in the coming years.

Listed below are some of the key factors driving the global fire alarm equipment market –

> The implementation of mandatory health safety guidelines is a major factor boosting the market for fire alarm equipment.

> The growing demand for fire alarm equipment from the construction industry is a prominent growth driver, given that new constructions and modern buildings for public facilities and housing are equipped with the latest fire detection systems.

> There are several stringent government regulations in place to ensure the safety of laborers working in various industries.

> Jurisdictional requirements by various countries – such as the Fire Protection Association in the US and the Building Code of Australia – have mandated the installation of fire detection devices such as fire and smoke alarms, a factor that greatly fuels the market for fire alarm equipment.

> The development of advanced technologies such as wireless sensory networks, human machine interface (HMI), smart building, and nanotechnology have greatly contributed toward the expansion of the fire alarm equipment.

> The growing awareness regarding fire protection and prevention among the general population has resulted in the greater need for fire alarm systems.

In contrast, the lack of effective control and proper compliance threatens to impede the growth of the global fire alarm equipment market.

Innovative Fire-Fighting Device Developed by World Patent Marketing

Manufacturer of patented products for entrepreneurs and inventors and an innovation incubator, World Patent Marketing announced the creation of the Firebox. This safety invention promises to improve the way homes and public buildings are protected against damages and losses caused by fire. Lack of accessibility to fire extinguishers and other fire-fighting equipment is one of the most common reasons for fire spreading in any establishment. The Firebox is a fire hose reel box, which is permanently connected to a water source. The unique feature of this invention is that the moment it detects a fire, the cover of the box is immediately opened to gain access to the hose. The Firebox is also fitted with an audio alarm and a light, both of which are turned on the moment a fire is detected.

Some of the leading players in the global fire alarm equipment market are Hochiki Corporation, TYCO, Secom, Protec Fire Detection, VT MAK, Mine Safety Appliances (MSA), Siemens, Johnson Controls, Bosch Security Systems, HALMA, United Technologies Corporation (UTC), London Security, Gentex Corporation, Mircom Group of Companies, and Honeywell.

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