Animal Parasiticides Market Driven by Increasing Pet Ownership

Animal parasiticides are various substances administered to livestock and companion animals to rid them of parasites. Parasites can be of various types and thus can cause a wide range of diseases. Some of the diseases animal parasites are responsible for can also affect humans, making them a risk far greater than other animal parasites. The global animal parasiticides market has grown rapidly in recent years due to the rising awareness about the risk of an epidemic caused by animal-borne parasites.

Rising Pet Ownership and Consumption of Dairy Products Drive Animal Parasiticides Market

The global market for animal parasiticides is driven mainly by the increasing preference for keeping a pet among people across the globe. Dogs and cats are already hugely popular companion animals, but new types of pets such as rodents and birds are becoming increasingly popular. These animals bring with them a new range of parasites, since many parasites only attack a specific host species.

The rising consumption of dairy products has also boosted the global animal parasiticides market. Meat products are also rising in demand in regions where meat products have been a part of the daily staple. However, the increasing preference for vegetarianism is a major restraint on the global animal parasiticides market.

Europe Leads Animal Parasiticides Market, APAC to Dominate in Near Future

Currently, Europe is the leading regional segment of the global animal parasiticides market. Meat products as well as dairy products are popular in Europe and have been part of the traditional cuisine in many parts of the continent. The consequent high consumption of animal products has propelled the Europe animal parasiticides market. On the other hand, the future of the global animal parasiticides market is expected to be dominated by Asia Pacific, which is witnessing increasing demand for animal parasiticides due to the increasing pet ownership and high consumption of meat products in the region.


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