Aviation Industry Looking for One-stop Professional Commercial Aviation Crew Management Systems

A commercial aviation crew management system includes different operational systems that perform various functions such as crew manning, crew manifest, sick, absence, and vacation management, special capability and credentials, training, and contract rules management. The rising air traffic and, therefore, the growing need to upgrade systems to manage the crew and employees are boosting the global commercial aviation crew management system market.
According to a report published by Transparency Market Research, the global commercial aviation crew management system market is expected to reach US$4.39 bn by 2023, expanding at an 8.8% CAGR from 2014 to 2023, after being valued at US$2.09 bn in 2014. The growth is attributed to the growing need for real time data and also the demand for low cost advanced technology to manage data.

How Jeppesen Crew Management System Revolutionized the Management Process

Some of the leading companies operating in the global commercial aviation crew management system are Hexaware Technologies Ltd., Sabre Corporation, AIMS Corporation, Hitit Computer Services, IBS Software Services, Jepessen Sanderson, Inc., Prolog Development Centre A/S, Lufthansa Systems, and BlueOne Management S.A./N.V. These companies have helped shape up the commercial aviation crew management system industry. For instance, Jeppesen Crew Management System (CMS), developed by Jepessen Sanderson, Inc., provide airlines with a crew management system with significantly lower operating costs, improved flexibility, and an integrated framework for crew management process.

Jeppesen CMS covers tools for maintaining the optimality of crew rosters, long term manpower planning, support for detecting and mitigating operational issues, and also optimized pairings and crew rosters. The system is modular and offers the flexibility of being replaced with alternatives such as in-house applications, thus offering complete customization. It comprises an alert monitor, which is used to view all the alerts and several optimizers to handle processes such as maintaining the roster or creation of crew pairing. The convenience of such innovative commercial aviation crew management systems will only lead to more aviation companies making sizeable investments in them, thus boosting the market.

Asia Pacific to be Fastest Growing Regional Market for Commercial Aviation Crew Management System Market

The rising number of low-cost carriers and the increasing number of air passengers in Asia Pacific are expected to make it the fastest growing regional market for the commercial aviation crew management system. An improvement in the aviation infrastructural conditions is also expected to drive the market in Asia Pacific. The market for commercial aviation crew management systems in the Rest of the World is being benefitted by the need to upgrade existing operational processes. The Middle East is expected to be the largest market in the RoW region. North America is expected to account for the largest share in the global commercial aviation crew management system market due to the increasing competition among airlines, airports, and IT solution providers.


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