Rising Demand for Miniature Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Drives Man-portable Military Electronics Market

Man-portable military electronics include portable equipment that facilitates or enhances the capabilities of military personnel on the battlefield. Man-portable military electronics act as a force multiplier by providing advance situational information and offer direct link communications to soldiers on field. Man-portable military electronics are crucial to achieving high speeds, agility and quick responsiveness to combat soldiers in battlefields and war fronts. According to a report published by Transparency Market Research, the global man-portable military electronics market which was valued to be US$15.10 bn in 2012 is expected to rise to US$19.67 bn by 2019, expanding at a 3.8% CAGR between 2013 and 2019.

The global man-portable military electronics market is driven by soldier modernization programs which are undertaken by military forces worldwide. These modernization programs are long term programs and thus, will ensure continued demand for man-portable military electronics in the forthcoming years. India, France, Australia, and the U.S., where the modernization military initiatives are undertaken on a large scale, will compel the global man-portable military electronics market to a large extent.

The rising demand for miniature unmanned aerial vehicles (M-UAVs) and advanced portable equipment with reduced size, weight, and power consumption (SWAP) are expected to ensure that the global man-portable military electronics market flourishes.

Fresh Investments by Militaries Worldwide to Spur Demand for Man-portable Military Electronics

There is an increased focus and awareness among the government and defense and security chiefs of various countries for timely investments in the intelligence and surveillance sector, which is driving the man-portable military electronics market. The importance of adding ISTAR capabilities is being felt across defense and military sectors, thus encouraging the growth of the global man-portable military electronics market.

Although portable electronic device manufacturers have made significant improvements in the military and defense sectors, they have also increased the requirement for charged batteries. To solve the problem of batteries, products such as portable battery chargers have been invented. These portable chargers enable uninterrupted use of various electronic devices such as GPS units, radios, night-vision goggles, and mine detecting devices. The U.S. Army has invested in one such charger developed by the communications-electronics center (CERDEC), which functions under the aegis of the Development and Engineering Command.

Moreover, substantial investments are being made in man-portable UAVs. In the United States, many such systems have been deployed in combat. Companies such as AeroVironment, for instance, has developed a man-portable drone, the RQ-11 Raven. Other organizations such as CATIC in China and the EADS in Europe are working on miniature drones that can be easily carried by soldiers.

Huge Expenditure Allowance in Defense Sector behind North America’s Domination in the Military Electronics Market

Today, North America is leading the man-portable military electronics market due to the high technological advancement in the region as well as the huge expenditure allowance enjoyed by the defense sector. Europe is the second largest market for man-portable military electronics owing to an increase in the counter-terrorism operations undertaken by the different countries in Europe. Asia Pacific is expected to become a promising market for man-portable military electronics owing to massive military modernization programs undertaken by the various governments in the region. Countries such as UAE, Turkey, and Brazil will drive the man-portable military electronics market in the Rest of the World region.


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