Neurovascular Stent Retrievers Market Propelled by Rising Demand in North America, Europe

The global neurovascular stent retrievers market is propelled by the increasing number of patients of stroke. Obesity and diabetes, two conditions strongly associated with the incidence of stroke, have become rampant in the modern world, which has enabled stroke to turn into an increasingly prevalent disease. The unhealthy diets and overall lifestyles of the middle class are the main factors increasing the incidence of stroke. These factors are expected to remain highly influential in the coming years, propelling the neurovascular stent retrievers market.

Technological advancement in the design of neurovascular stent retrievers has also helped the global market massively. Patients now have much more confidence in this previously unknown therapy, owing to the better prognoses achieved through the use of neurovascular stent retrievers.

Government Support Vital for Neurovascular Stent Retrievers Market

Efforts to advance the utility of neurovascular stent retrievers have also been helped by the steady support provided by various governments around the world. Developed regions have been particularly emphatic in their support for research into improving neurovascular stent retrievers. The widespread efforts by several governments aimed at improving their public healthcare sector have been handy for the global neurovascular stent retrievers market.

Nevertheless, the complex and delicate nature of neurological surgeries has emerged as a major restraining factor for the global neurovascular stent retrievers market.

North America Leads Global Neurovascular Stent Retrievers Market

North America has traditionally been a technological powerhouse and a global leader in medical innovation. Accordingly, it has emerged as the dominant regional segment of the global neurovascular stent retrievers market. The high prevalence of stroke in North America, due to the unhealthy lifestyles led by the majority of the population in countries such as the U.S., has also benefitted the regional neurovascular stent retrievers market.

Europe is the second largest regional segment of the global neurovascular stent retrievers market. The Europe market for neurovascular stent retrievers is likely to expand in the coming years owing to the increasing prevalence of stroke in countries in the region.


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