Personal Care Packaging Market Driven by Rising Demand from Asia Pacific

Personal care packaging products are the various materials used to package and market personal care products. As such, the global personal care packaging market is entirely reliant on the personal care products market for strong sales. Fortunately for the former, the latter has shown no signs of disappointing.

The global personal care products market has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years, with skin care and hair care products, in particular, receiving sizable demand. The steady demand from developed countries has helped the global personal care packaging market, but the rising demand from emerging regions such as Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Latin America is expected to play a larger role in the personal care packaging market’s development in the coming years.

Asia Pacific Personal Care Packaging Market Set to Reach US$14.3 bn by 2020

Due to the rapid spread of urban infrastructure and industrialization in major countries such as China and India, the Asia Pacific market has dominated the global personal care packaging market in the last decade. The increasing purchasing power of consumers in this region, aided by the bounding GDP of dynamic countries, has also helped this regional market for personal care packaging massively.

The improving living standards of the population in this region have also helped the personal care packaging market, as people have become more aware about the adverse effects of pollution on their appearance and are accordingly taking steps to combat them. The high levels of pollution in major cities across Asia Pacific have thus been beneficial for the APAC personal care packaging market. Skin and hair care products, in particular, are expected to enjoy rising demand.

Global Personal Care Packaging Market to Retain Fragmented Competitive Landscapes

The competitive landscape of the global personal care packaging market is fragmented to a high degree, with companies such as Saint Gobain, Amcor Ltd., Mondi, and Bemic Company, Inc. establishing a relatively strong foothold. However, high demand for local products is expected to remain a feature of the global personal care packaging market in the years to come.


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