Global WaaS Market to be Driven by Increased Adoption due to the Ease of Deployment it Offers

Workspace-as-a-Service (WaaS) refers to a group of services that are used to provide end users a virtual workspace. These services are mostly used by companies to offer its employees access to business applications and data from any location at any time using any compatible device of their choice. In the last few years, desktop virtualization has turned out to be a mainstream technology owing to the rapidly changing work culture and business environment.

WaaS is considered as an amalgam of desktop applications as a service and desktop-as-a-service, in which the desktop applications as a service is considered as the cloud delivery of applications for the end user devices and DaaS is the private or public cloud delivery of virtual desktops for the users.

In this blog, Transparency Market Research answers some of the important questions related to the workspace-as-a-service, emphasizing on its potential opportunities and growth prospects.

Is Workspace-as-a-Service the apt solution for BYOD-related issues?

The growth of the BYOD trend has benefitted employees substantially; however, it has created several worries for Chief Information Officers (CIOs). These officers need to manage the chaotic IT environment and further manage the proliferation of mobile devices and offer everything along with security to a vast and impatient workforce. Security remains the major concern in the BYOD scenario, owing to the increased mobility and remote working of the workforce.

The numerous access points to the network are estimated to bring an array of security headaches; however, when combined with a WaaS or virtualized desktop environment, it is anticipated to be easier to manage and secure vast end users with integrated management tools.

What are the major growth prospects for the global WaaS market?

WaaS solutions help employees log into the WaaS system, which offers them a virtual workspace and desktop. WaaS solutions further help in increasing the productivity of employees, as they get the opportunity to access all the crucial data and applications regardless of their location. The devices used to access WaaS services are complementing some of the enterprises strategies such as BYOD and BYOA, taking care of all the security concerns.

According to a research study by Transparency Market Research, in 2014, the global WaaS market was worth US$7.5 bn and is projected to reach US$18.4 bn by the end of 2022, registering a 12.10% CAGR between 2015 and 2022. The increasing enterprise mobility and higher adoption in SMBS due to ease of deployment, quick availability, and scalability are some of the major factors expected to drive the global WaaS market.

What is the future of WaaS in the global market?

WaaS is an emerging concept that is being adopted by diverse industries, such as travel and hospitality, government, healthcare, manufacturing, education, IT and telecommunication, BFSI, and retail. The increasing demand for application-specific solutions has positively affected the growth of the global WaaS market, resulting in growing customization and higher service revenues. Companies in diverse sectors are buying workspace technology and solutions to benefit from the increased efficiencies that they provide. Many international IT giants have adopted these solutions so far or are on their way to doing so. A recent example is the technology leader IBM, which recently gave its word to offer Nvidia an accelerator aimed at speeding up WaaS applications.


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