Global Water Market to be Shaped by Opportunities in Developing Economies

The global water market deals with the extraction and distribution of one of the most important commodities for mankind. The water market has risen in importance in the last few decades as urbanization has picked up speed in emerging regions and industrial infrastructure has also spread across the world. The increasing global population has also played an important role in the rise and rise of the water market in recent years.

The global water market consists of services to distribute water for residential, industrial, and commercial use, treat the water according to its end use, and treat the wastewater obtained as a byproduct. The latter has become increasingly important in the last few years due to the rising global scarcity of water, which has led to wastewater reuse becoming a need in many parts of the world.

What is the primary driver for the global water market?

The primary driver for the global water market is the increase observed in the demand for water all across the world. The rapid development of emerging economies such as China, India, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and South Africa has led to a steady increase in the demand for water in commercial, residential, as well as industrial applications. The increasing urban infrastructure in these countries has led to a high demand for potable water, while the dynamic industrial sectors of these countries have been a major consumer of industrial-grade water.

In developed economies, maintenance of the existing water infrastructure and wastewater treatment are the two major segments of the water market. Desalination is also becoming increasingly popular in many countries, as the freshwater reservoirs on earth have started to dry up. Smart water supply is the next step for the water market in developed economies, in order to ensure minimization of wastage and to develop a smart system to fulfill as much of the total need as possible for as long as possible.

Which regional water market holds the dominant position in the global scenario?

The global water market is led by Asia Pacific due to the rampant construction and manufacturing industries in the region. Both of these industries require massive amounts of water constantly, ensuring steady demand for the same. India, Japan, and China are among the leaders in the APAC water market, thanks to India and China being among the most populous countries in the world and Japan being a major industrial giant.

The India water market is expected to take on greater significance in the coming years, with the growing population of the country making it essential to provide clean water to the population. To this end, Japanese environmental services company, Hiyoshi, recently announced plans to develop a wastewater treatment business in India. Hiyoshi has been actively participating in knowledge sharing with multiple agencies in developing economies, but this is the first step – of surely many to follow – in foreign water companies trying to establish a foothold in the promising business environment of India.


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