Promise of Longer Shelf Life Driving Companies Toward Modified Atmosphere Packaging Methods

Modified atmosphere packaging technology is a rising trend in the global packaging market. This technique entails the modification of the composition of the inner atmosphere of a package.

Q. How has modified atmosphere packaging become a global trend?

A. A rising interest in fresh and natural food products is creating new opportunities in the packaging market. A longer shelf life of products is essential in export-driven economies. Modified atmosphere packaging, which helps provide fresh products to consumers, provides an optimum package atmosphere to keep the freshness of products intact. With many companies concentrating on adopting modified atmosphere packaging solutions, the global market is expected to grow at a rapid pace in the years to come. 

Aypek, a Turkish company, is currently working on the development of modified atmosphere packaging solutions in the form of antimicrobial modified bags. These bags are expected to extend the shelf life of the products by 20%.

At Michigan State University’s School of Packaging, experts are set to introduce new modified atmosphere packaging solutions for the most commonly sold vegetables. Furthermore, the experts are working on introducing gas composition packaging solutions to take packaging solutions one step ahead.

Linde Canada Ltd. is reportedly ready to launch innovative modified atmosphere packaging gases for food processors in Ontario. Their new MAPAX line of packaging is expected to offer an extended shelf-life to fresh food products and also maintain their quality for a longer duration. This modified atmosphere packaging technique is predicted to help meet the rising demand for packaged foods in Canada.

Q. Will competing technologies such as cinnamon-based active packaging affect the modified atmosphere packaging market?

A. Yes. Cinnamon-based active packaging appears to be the perfect alternative to modified atmosphere packaging, especially for gluten-free food products. This is certainly considered to be one of the major challenges for the global modified atmosphere packaging market in the near future.

A recent study was funded by the Spanish government, where three types of packaging technologies were studied. Modified atmosphere packaging, active packaging, and a combination of both. The study revealed that the sensory properties of food, such as taste and flavor, were better maintained in cinnamon-based packaging than the modified atmosphere packaging technique. This could result in more companies investing in active packaging or cinnamon-based packaging rather than modified atmosphere packaging to ensure the longer shelf life of specific food products. 

Q. What are the possible factors expected to benefit the global modified atmosphere packaging market?

A. The demand for packed food such as meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products is increasing at a rapid pace owing to the rising awareness of consuming healthy food. This has boosted the global market for modified atmosphere packaging. Technical advancements in the packaging industry have led to the introduction of modified atmosphere packaging technology. As this technology eliminates the use of chemical preservatives, it is being widely adopted by many manufacturing industries across the globe. 

Over the past few years, the global packaging industry has been showing tremendous improvements and advancements. Modified atmosphere packaging is another milestone achieved by the global market. However, the high capital required for the materials and machinery used in modified atmosphere packaging is a challenge that needs to be taken care. Nevertheless, considering the many benefits it offers, the global modified atmosphere packaging market is set for significant growth in the near future, thus benefiting many businesses.


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