Multifunctional Food Ingredients Market Dominated by North America, Europe

Multifunctional food ingredients are additives added at various stages in food manufacturing. They function as alternatives to natural ingredients present in the food and replicate their physical characteristics while eliminating the threat these ingredients pose to some consumers. Gluten and fats are among the natural food ingredients most commonly replaced by multifunctional food ingredients, due to the growing prevalence of celiac disease and the growing demand for low-fat food.

Apart from eliminating the biological risk posed by natural ingredients, multifunctional food ingredients also help increase the shelf life of various food products, which is another major driver for the global multifunctional food ingredients market. Multifunctional food ingredients can replace the ingredient that undergoes the decomposition process and initiates the spoiling of the food. The dynamic and proactive regulatory framework of the food and beverage industry has also helped the global multifunctional food ingredients market, as ingredients that don’t comply with regulations can also be replaced by multifunctional food ingredients.

North America, Europe to Dominate Global Market due to Availability of Advanced Food Processing Technology

The global market for multifunctional food ingredients was dominated by North America and Europe in 2015 due to the presence of sophisticated food processing systems in the regions. The early adoption of advanced technology and the rising demand for food safety from an increasingly health-conscious population are the prime drivers expected to propel the market for multifunctional food ingredients market in North America and Europe in the coming years.

Due to the presence of technologically advanced food processing and research infrastructure, North America and Europe are also major hubs for key companies in the global multifunctional food ingredients market. This is another factor expected to drive the North America and Europe markets for multifunctional food ingredients in the coming years.


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