Paper Diagnostics Market Driven by Low Costs, Convenience, Increasing Prevalence of Applicable Diseases

Paper diagnostics are a low-cost but effective alternative to modern diagnostic equipment. Paper diagnostics consist of strips coated with various chemicals that react with certain biomarkers. The reaction produces a visible effect, such as that seen in pH strips and litmus paper. This method allows for an early-stage diagnosis of several increasingly prevalent medical conditions, including diabetes, liver diseases, and several types of cancer. The demand for paper diagnostics is driven mainly by the unmet need in remote regions, where advanced diagnostic equipment may not be affordable or operable. 

The major drivers for the global paper diagnostics market are:

Low Cost: In developing regions, where paper diagnostics are primarily used, advanced medical facilities are often absent and medical personnel, if present, has severe cost constraints. The potential problems posed by this are averted by the use of paper diagnostics, which provides results of comparable accuracy at much lower costs. 

Rapid Results: Unlike modern diagnostic tests, which may only present the diagnostic report in hours or even days, paper diagnostics procedures return a result almost instantly. This helps avoid further complications in regions where medical facilities may not be easily accessible.

Increasing Prevalence of Diseases: The number of patients suffering from diabetes, liver disorders, and cancer is rising. Among these, paper diagnostics are particularly being used for the monitoring of diabetes, which can be performed by the patient at their own convenience. Regular monitoring of diabetes is crucial, since even minor fluctuations can cause irreparable complications. The convenience of paper diagnostics has resulted in an increasing number of diabetics using paper diagnostics in the comfort of their own home to keep a check on their ailment.

Regionally, Asia Pacific is the largest market for paper diagnostics and is expected to remain dominant in the global market in the coming years. The lack of advanced or even basic medical facilities in remote regions in Asia Pacific is the major driver for the APAC paper diagnostics market.


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