Global Simulation and Analysis Software Market Driven by Increasing Demand from Booming Automotive Industry

Simulation and analysis software is a key part of the global product lifestyle management (PLM) market. The market for simulation and analysis software has been driven by the increasing incorporation of computer-aided design solutions in various manufacturing industries. Simulation and analysis software allows manufacturers to assess a product before it is produced, in order to assess its integrity and iron out any errors that may persist in its design. A digital model of the product to be manufactured is created through simulation and analysis software, which can be customized to fit the real-world parameters of the product. This is an incredibly powerful tool for the global manufacturing sector and has rightfully been embraced by several flourishing industries.

Global Automotive Industry Boom Drives Simulation and Analysis Software Market

Among the many factors responsible for the increasing demand for simulation and analysis software, the rapid expansion of the global automotive industry in recent years is a major one. The automotive industry in Europe and North America is at the cutting edge of technological innovation, with German giants such as BMW, Audi, and particularly Mercedes making a name for themselves thanks to their highly sophisticated and technologically products. The increasing prosperity of consumers in emerging economies such as China and India has given established automotive giants significant room to expand, which has resulted in a steady growth in the adoption of simulation and analysis software.

Other major end users of simulation and analysis software include the electrical and electronics industry, the aerospace and defense industry, and the industrial machinery industry. The increasing demand for smartphones and tablets in emerging regions is another major driver for the simulation and analysis software market, as are the military modernization efforts underway in developed giants such as the U.S.

Availability of Open-source Software Restrains Global Simulation and Analysis Software Market

While the global economic landscape appears highly favorable for the global simulation and analysis software market, the market is hamstrung by the easy availability of open-source design assistance software. This is a major restraint on the organized simulation and analysis software market, as emerging players are opting to use the cheaper open-source programs in the market.


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