Global Water Treatment Systems Market to be driven by Water Scarcity, Environmental Awareness, and Government Support

Water treatment has gained importance in the recent times due to the growing demand for clean water for drinking and industrial purposes. Through the processes of softening, purification, and deodorization, water treatment systems make water suitable for specific end-use industries such as drinking, irrigation, river flow maintenance, and industrial water supply.

How are nations reacting to growing water pollution and water treatment?

In developed economies of North America and Europe, stringent regulations regarding water treatment have supported the robust growth of the water treatment systems market. In North America, the U.S. has been among the key nations stressing on the treatment of industrial wastewater. The rising awareness about water treatment in the European nations has fuelled the growth of the market.

However, in the near future, Asia Pacific is anticipated to be one of the lucrative regions for the market as countries such as China and India are finally waking up to the challenge posed by severe water scarcity. Both these countries have witnessed rapid industrialization in the last 25 years and this has significantly affected their water bodies. In China, rampant industrial water pollution has led river waters turn into unnatural shades of red, green, and orange. Toxic water supply has further led to the growing prevalence of many chronic diseases. Taking a cue, the Chinese government has introduced the Water Ten Plan, a comprehensive water policy last year. This has resulted in framing of stringent rules regarding water efficiency and water pollution.

On the other hand, India has been witnessing severe water scarcity due to depletion and pollution of ground water level due to industrial activities. The country is now focusing on water treatment systems to curb the flow of industrial wastewater to water bodies. In fact, India is being viewed as one the most promising markets for water treatment systems. 

How is the competitive landscape in the global water treatment system market evolving?

The global water treatment system market is dominated by some of the prominent players such as The Dow Chemical Company, Honeywell International, 3M Company, Pentair plc, and others. The treatment of industrial wastewater and drinking water is of primary concern and hence, the market players are focusing on innovative technologies to develop novel water treatment systems while adhering to the standards set by governments and regulatory authorities. For instance, Cambrian Innovation has introduced a water treatment system that will let breweries to convert spent brewing water into reusable water.

The competitive landscape of the global water treatment systems market is expected to evolve rapidly with entry of smaller and medium companies. Many of the market players are bagging projects from governments and private organizations to treat industrial and drinking water. For example, Japanese firm Hiyoshi runs water purification facilities for local governments and works on wastewater treatment projects.


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