Wood Activated Carbon Market Driven by Increasing Demand in Water Purification

Wood activated carbon is formed from the remainder of wood processing, including wood chips and sawdust. The wood matter remaining after the processing is crushed to form a homogenous powder and treated with steam at high temperatures. This leads to the formation of a highly porous and amorphous carbon type known. The high porosity and high surface area of wood activated carbon particles are highly useful in several purification applications, since the carbon particles attach to hazardous contaminants such as mercury and lead, which can then be separated easily.

According to a new report from Transparency Market Research, the global wood activated carbon was valued at US$206.5 mn in 2015. Exhibiting a solid 9.2% CAGR from 2016 to 2024, the market is expected to rise to a valuation of US$456 mn by 2024.

Rising Use in Water Purification Boosts Wood Activated Carbon Market in Emerging Regions

The two major applications of wood activated carbon are in the removal of mercury from gaseous industrial emissions and the removal of lead and other contaminants from the public water supply. The latter is the dominant application segment of the wood activated carbon market in developing regions such as Asia Pacific. 

Due to the rapid urbanization observed in emerging economies such as India, the demand for clean water is growing. The use of wood activated carbon is highly efficacious in this application, as well as costing less than alternative methods. Due to this, the demand for wood activated carbon for water purification is rising.

North America Wood Activated Carbon Market Driven by Increasing Use to Purify Industrial Emissions

In North America, the strict regulatory mandates to remove mercury from airborne industrial emissions have seen wood activated carbon receive increasing demand. China is also a notable example of a country that has enforced stringent laws regarding the purification of airborne industrial emissions. Application in mercury removal is expected to remain a significant part of the global wood activated carbon market in the coming years.


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