Specialty Household Cleaners that are Eco-friendly to be in Trend

Growing hygiene concerns among consumers coupled with hectic lifestyles is boosting the demand for specialty household cleaners in the U.S. Increasing incidences of infections and disease outbreak are also driving the consumption of specialty household cleaners. The growing number of working women in the U.S is further aiding the growth of the market. The higher disposable income of the people living in the U.S. is also boosting the sales of these products. According to a research report by Transparency Market Research (TMR), the U.S. specialty household cleaners market, which was valued at USS$5.1 bn in 2011, is expected to reach US$7.9 bn by 2018, expanding at 6.6% CAGR from 2012 to 2018.

Q. What challenges does the specialty household cleaners market face?

The rising prices of raw materials are one of the problems gripping the specialty household cleaners industry. The use of harmful chemicals is another concern among consumers, which can affect sales of specialty household cleaners. Poor packaging has also resulted in huge losses for companies. A case in point would be The Clorox Co. This company had to recently recall three of its Liquid Plumr products since the bottles were not child-resistant and tops could be easily removed by small children.

On the other hand companies such as S.C. Johnson & Son Inc. have signed agreements to buy the supplier of personal-care and household products aimed at families with small children. The company has collaborated with Babyganics, to develop products deemed safe for families with children.

Q. What are the strategies adopted by key players to profit and grow in the market?

Players are resorting to aggressive marketing to enhance their sales. Another strategy used by companies is investments in R&D activities for product innovation. Companies also aim at R&D activities to lower the cost of production, thus attracting more consumers and boosting their sales. A case in point would be Church & Dwight Co., Inc. The company’s efforts to lower the cost of products and achieve product innovation have helped improve their sales and profitability.

Q. What are the trends in the specialty household cleaners market?

The increased interest among the urban society regarding green products is expected to increase the demand for environmental friendly disinfectants and other such green products. Another emerging trend in the market is the demand for all-in-one products. Players are aligning their R&D strategies on the development of products that are used for all-purpose cleaning and attracting customers. Household cleaners with innovative fragrances is yet another trend that is expected to stay. Products with new formulations and enhanced convenience are also an emerging trend, which would help the U.S. specialty household cleaners market to grow.


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