Growing Emphasis on Green Data Centers to Encourage Adoption of Data Center Infrastructure Management Solutions Globally

Thanks to the growing emphasis on green data centers, the demand for data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions is likely to witness a notable surge in the near future.  The rising implementation of regulatory norms regarding data centers is also expected to support this scenario in the long run. According to a research report, published by Transparency Market Research (TMR), the global DCIM market, which stood at US$529.5 mn in 2015, will present an opportunity worth US$2.8 bn by the end of 2024.

In this blog post, TMR analysts answer significant questions about the worldwide DCIM market:

What are the key trends that will positively influence the demand for DCIM solutions in the near future?

A number of factors will impact the global demand for DCIM solution in the coming years. The main amongst them is the increasing penetration of Internet across the world. This substantial surge in the internet usage has resulted into an excess of data, leading to a significant rise in the demand for data centers.

As data centers mostly function round the clock, they consume a high amount of energy for heating, cooling, lighting, and other operations. In this scenario, DCIM has emerged as an efficient solution for managing the energy consumption as well as optimizing the efficacy of data centers. As a result, the demand for DCIM solutions is likely to increase remarkably in the near future.

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Besides, the increase in government regulations regarding carbon emission is also compelling operators to deploy DCIM solutions in order to convert their data centers into green data centers, which is also expected to result in a high demand for these solutions over the next few years.

Geographically, which segment will lead the global market for DCIM in the coming years?

Supported by the presence of a large pool of DCIM solution providers due to existing data centers, North America has been leading the global DCIM market since the last few years. The trend is likely to continue in the near future on account of continual rise in the count of data centers and advancements in DCIM solutions in this region.

Europe, however, is anticipated to report the most prominent growth in the DCIM market over the years to come. The increasing environmental concerns and awareness regarding the benefits of green data centers are expected to fuel the demand for DCIM solutions considerably in the near future.

What are the key strategies leading players are adopting for sustenance?

Leading DCIM solution vendors are aggressively focusing on acquiring small-scale enterprises in order to curtail the competition within the market. Recently, Nlyte Software, a prominent DCIM software provider, announced the acquisition of FieldView Solutions, another DCIM software developer, which previously developed the data analytics and advanced real-time monitoring capabilities for data center managers. With this move, the company aims at expanding the range of its offerings in order to remain strong in the market.

Product innovations and diversification in current portfolios are also emerging as preferred strategies among key participants operating in the global market for data center infrastructure management.


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