Widespread Availability of Reusable Cloth Diapers Vital for Rapid Growth of East Africa Baby Diapers Market

East Africa is one of the least developed regions in the world and thus hasn’t traditionally been a major market for baby diapers. However, in recent years, steady government efforts and the gradual but consistent urbanization in leading countries in the region has resulted in the presence of a growing urban consumer base. This has driven the demand for baby diapers in East Africa, as consumers are becoming more aware about the easy availability of diapers and–especially in remote regions–the importance of personal hygiene.

The East Africa baby diapers market was valued at US$155.7 mn in 2015, according to Transparency Market Research. Exhibiting a robust 3.6% CAGR between 2016 and 2024, the market is expected to rise to US$218.7 mn by the end of 2024. 

Kenya to Retain Dominant Share in East Africa Baby Diapers Market

In 2015, Kenya was the leading contributor to the East Africa baby diapers due to its position as the regional leader. Kenya is the fastest growing economy in East Africa, according to the World Bank, and exhibits a corresponding dominance in the baby diapers market. The country’s share in the East Africa baby diapers market by both revenue and volume was more than 40% in 2015. Tanzania and Uganda are some of the other leading markets for baby diapers in East Africa.

The steady improvement in medical facilities in East Africa in recent years has also been vital for the baby diapers market. The availability of advanced healthcare services has resulted in a notable decrease in child mortality in East Africa, leading to a rising demand for baby diapers.

Acknowledging the need to specially modify their product catalog to suit the needs of the gradually emerging East African economies, several companies in the baby diapers market have opted to expand their research into ultra-low-cost diapers. This is a promising trend for the East Africa baby diapers market, as this will help create a sustainable balance between the pricing structure of the baby diapers industry and the region’s economy.

Increasing Availability of Reusable Cloth Diapers Leads to Better Hygiene, Social Empowerment

The rising use of reusable diapers instead of disposable ones is a prominent trend observed through the recent development of the East Africa baby diapers market. While disposable diapers have been popular in East Africa, their cumulative expenses can be preventatively high for several consumers in the impoverished region. As a result, reusable cloth diapers have found increasing demand in East Africa. 

This has even served as a medium for social empowerment in some cases, with companies such as Kijani aiming to provide a sustainable source of revenue for local families through the manufacture of reusable baby diapers. Due to this, reusable cloth diapers are likely to be a crucial segment for players operating in the East Africa baby diapers market in the coming years. 


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