Product Innovations in Optical Imaging to Boost Clinical Outcomes Creating Exciting Growth Opportunities for the Market Players

Optical imaging is a fast emerging medical imaging technology and utilizes the light spectrum--visible, ultraviolet, and infrared light—for obtaining the detailed images of different body tissues and is used primarily for disease diagnosis and treatment. The technology possesses an immense potential for disease prevention by enhancing medical diagnosis and treatment. Additionally, it has applications for researches in life science and studies. The manufactures have made significant technological advancements in the devices which has opened a plethora of opportunities to market players. The application of this non-invasive technology is particularly useful for visualizing soft tissues.

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How will optical imaging devices enhance disease diagnosis?

The increasing incidence of various disorders and chronic diseases such as cancer calls for timely and accurate diagnosis. The increased use of optical imaging devices has revolutionized the therapeutic and diagnostics sector. The prevalence of sedentary lifestyle, increasing count of geriatric population, and enhanced awareness of several optical imaging technologies are the primary factors spurring the demand for optical imaging devices in healthcare. The increasing incidence rate of ailments such as diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases, and tumors across various regions, especially in low to medium income countries has necessitated the use of effective diagnosis. The developments have provided impetus the market growth.

In addition, the prevalence of aging-associated orders, such as dental problems, vision problems, and cardiovascular diseases in various developed and developed economies has led to the growth of the optical imaging market. The rising prevalence of disorders related to eyes, skin, and brain is expected to stimulate the demand for advanced optical imaging modalities to boost clinical outcomes. A rise in discretionary spending in healthcare combined with a fast developing healthcare infrastructure have offered fillip to the market. Furthermore, the presence of a huge pool of patients in emerging nations of Asia Pacific offer great opportunities for the market players.

How will technological advancements and enhancements shape the competitive landscape? 

Prominent players operating in the global optical imaging market are Bioptigen, Inc., Canon, Inc., Carl Zeiss AG, Headwall Photonics, Inc., Heidelberg Engineering GmbH, Michelson Diagnostics Ltd., Optovue, Inc., Topcon Medical Systems, Inc., ChemImage Corporation, and St. Jude Medical, Inc. The key players focus on product innovations and technological enhancements to stay competitive in the market.  Increased penetration of digital optical technology and automation in healthcare are key developments expected to unlock exciting growth opportunities for these market players. Some large players also focus on filing new patent applications in medical imaging technology related to diagnosis of different types of cancer, such as prostate cancer, which will open new vistas of applications of optical imaging technology. 

Over time, increased automation in optical technology and the design of high-resolution cameras are expected to offer surgeon with a more comprehensive and clearer view of the tissues they are operating. As a result, the advancements in optical imaging technology will boost clinical outcomes. 


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