Telecom Expense Management (TEM) Market Soars with BYOD and CYOD Practices Gaining Traction

Telecom expense management (TEM) solutions help organizations manage fixed-line voice, data, and wireless expenses on a single platform. It enables companies to simplify the management of communication services and reduce associated risks and costs. With rising integration of mobile devices in internal telecom networks because of the soaring popularity of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and choose-your-own-device (CYOD), the market for telecom expense management has received a major fillip.

What does competition really look like in the market?

The competitive landscape is highly fragmented in the global market for telecom expense management (TEM). Individual TEM vendors offer their services and products leveraging various delivery models. A noticeable trend in the market is the supplanting of licensed software products with cloud-based services because of the flexibility and cost savings the latter helps to accomplish.

Organizations are increasingly outsourcing telecom expense management (TEM) process so as to be able to focus better on development of core business processes and better utilize internal resources towards internal development and enhancement practices.

The global market for telecom expense management is slated to expand at a robust 13.5% CAGR between 2016 and 2024 to attain a value of US$4.92 bn by 2024.

Which factors are stoking growth in the market?

Increasing complexity of internal telecom networks has generated demand for telecom expense management. The need for integration of mobile devices to internal enterprise telecom networks and the changing contours of the corporate telecom infrastructure in the past few years has made internal telecom networks highly complex and tough to monitor manually.

Most organizations these days have numerous highly advanced communication channels for connecting with clients, customers, and employees. These developments are the chief factors driving the need for effective telecom expense management practices.

Besides, different government regulations are also forcing enterprises to take-up effective record keeping and monitoring methods to bring about transparency in operations. Additionally, large organizations have operations and employees across the globe and processing different types of invoices of numerous carriers can be quite challenging. Hence the need for effective TEM solutions.

What makes North America, Asia Pacific and the Middle East and Africa dominant markets?

From a geographical standpoint, North America currently dominates the global market for telecom expense management and is predicted to clock maximum revenue from 2016 and 2024. It is a considerably mature market on account of a number of factors such as technologically advanced and highly complex telecom infrastructures and presence of numerous TEM providers.

North America aside, Asia Pacific and Middle East and Africa (MEA) are other key regions on account of their high growth potential. A copious number of IT services and product companies, increasing adoption of BYOD and CYOD policies, and bettering telecom and IT infrastructures has been driving stellar growth in the Asia Pacific market. In the Middle East and Africa, the market is being bolstered by the increasing digitization of oil and gas industry and heavy investments in the IT and telecom sectors.


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