Alarming Rise in Cyber-crimes to Augment Employment of Digital Forensic

Digital forensics is a matter of concern for all the developed and developing countries at present. Digital forensics refers to a process of interpretation and recovery of data that is found in digital equipment for employing in a court of law and is mainly pertaining to cyber-crime. Investigation related to digital forensics involves three stages such as acquisition of the exhibits, investigation, and then at last reporting. Law enforcement organizations and other different stakeholders are employing digital forensics in order to keep up with growing commercialization and technological innovations. Law enforcement organizations seek the aid of such advanced devices in order to detect cyber-crimes and provide related proofs regarding the investigation in the court of law. Furthermore, owing to the advances implemented in recent technology has triggered the use of digital forensics in the IT sector, banking sector, and corporate sectors for detecting possible threat of data theft.

The global market for digital forensics is expected to rise at a CAGR of 12.5% from 2015 to 2021. The market is expected to be worth US$4.97 by 2021 from a valuation of US$2.03 bn in 2014.

How will rising terrorist threats intensify the adoption of digital forensics?

The primary driving force of the global digital forensics market is the rising threat from terrorist attacks and cyber-crimes across the globe. Leading security agencies are focusing on digital forensics in order to address these issues. Furthermore, the growing security concerns across several industries coupled with robust growth in the emerging markets are anticipated to bolster the growth of the global market for digital forensics in the coming years. Owing to robust development in electronic devices, mobiles, computers, and other related technologies and their rising use the global digital forensics market is expected to grow at an exponential rate in the near future. Growing innovation in the field of digital forensic research is expected to further increase its application areas in defense and aerospace, transport, education, and healthcare.

On which segment should the digital forensic companies focus on to have a bright future?

By type, the market has been distributed broadly into network forensics, forensics, cloud forensics, mobile device forensics, and database forensics. Computer forensics held the leading share in 2014 owing to a surge in reliance on computers and Internet in government and corporate organizations which has resulted in a rise in cyber frauds and cyber-crimes. Therefore, computer forensic tools are extensively used in both criminal law and private investigation for analyzing, examining, and recovering data or proof related to computer crime.

How can companies in the business of digital forensic enhance their geographical and consumer base?

Leading companies such as Global Digital Forensics, Lancope Inc., ASR Data, Digital Detectives, Fireeye Inc., Paraben Corporation, Binary Intelligence, AccessData Group, Inc., and Guidance Software, among several others are focusing on service and technology enhancement along with strategic ties in order to gain from the present market scenario. For instance, recently a distributorship agreement was signed between the U.S. based digital forensics provider, Guidance and KiwiIT specialist in distribution MPA. This deal will enable Guidance’s cyber forensic software, EnCase reach government organizations and business and help them fight cyber-crimes. 


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