Alarming Rise in Drug Users in U.S. to Trigger Use of Substance Abuse Treatment

In the U.S., substance abuse is a major concern among the youth in the country. Maximum of the population in the country is getting increasingly addicted to different varieties of drugs, thus impacting their personal health and the life of the people associated to a great extent. With continued drug and alcohol misuse, the pervasiveness of mental illness and several chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disorders and diabetes, have enlarged markedly among consumers, thus, generating a high financial burden on the country. For controlling this situation, the U.S. government is concentrating on the deploying the early interposition as well as the strategies related to prevention, which is anticipated to drive noteworthy demand for substance abuse treatments, thus, reflecting remarkably on the U.S. market for substance abuse treatment. 

The U.S. market for substance abuse treatment is expected to witness a 12.40% CAGR reaching US$12.43 bn by 2024 from a valuation of US$4.42 bn in 2015. 

Which is the main factor that will boost the market growth?

The U.S. is observing a disturbing rise in the quantity of people hooked to nicotine/tobacco, alcohol, and opioid, resultant to a rising burden on the economy of the country. Thus, the U.S. government has introduced numerous early interference and demonstration strategies to achieve an end to this severe situation, which is expected to boost the acceptance of substance abuse treatment in the country in the years ahead.

Other than this, the market is also likely to take advantage from the growing ingenuities by the foremost earners of substance abuse treatment present in the country, who, in a proposal to recover their customer base, are introducing numerous measures for creating awareness among customers and drug sellers relating to the ill consequence of drug abuse and the reputation of abuse management.

Which is going to be the most adopted treatment?

The crucial treatments for substance abuse, practiced in the U.S. are tobacco or nicotine addiction treatment, drug abuse treatment, and alcohol addiction treatment. Drug abuse treatment has projected an extensive demand from a plethora end users than the other substance abuse treatments. Merchandise innovation in buprenorphine pills and film and the current launch of buprenorphine implants are expected to lift the drug abuse treatment segment at a fast pace in the coming years. 

Who are the key users of substance abuse treatment?

Outpatient treatment centers, inpatient treatment centers, and residential treatment centers have textured as the main end users of substance abuse treatment in the U.S. Amongst these, the demand for these cures is sophisticated in outpatient treatment centers and is expected to continue as the leading one in the years yet to come owing to the growing popularity of outpatient rehab centers across the nation.  


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