Rising Demand for Targeted Drug Delivery to Drive Global Demand for Nanoemulsions

Designing an effective formulation for drugs is one of the key challenges faced by pharmaceutical companies owing to a number of factors such as poor solubility, gastrointestinal side effects, instability, and low bioavailability. Thus, pharmaceutical companies are increasingly focusing on research and development of novel formulations and delivery systems that can blow life into older systems while also achieving the same or higher level of efficiency, a high level of bioavailability, solubility, lower side effects, and an enhanced level of safety. One relatively novel and rapidly evolving means of enhancing the delivery of drugs is the employment of therapeutic nanoemulsions during the formulation as well as discovery of new therapeutic agents.

Nanoemulsions refer to the kinetically stable translucent dispersions of oil in water or water in oil stabilized with the help of an interfacial film of surfactants and cosurfactants. Owing to the small size of droplets, nanoemulsions are believed to be stable against factors such as coalescence, flocculation, and creaming or sedimentation. Nanoemulsions also possess several appealing pharmaceutical and biological properties such as biocompatibility, biodegradation, ease of production, and physical stability.

In a recent market research report, Transparency Market Research (TMR) estimates that the global market for nanoemulsions will expand at a promising pace, especially when it comes to applications in the field of medicine. TMR projects that the market will expand at an impressive CAGR of 9.2% from 2017 and 2025, rising from a valuation of US$6.78 bn in 2016 to an opportunity of US$14.91 bn by 2025.

What key factors will lead to growth opportunities in the global nanoemulsions market? 

Other than the obvious benefits of nanoemulsions, several factors are working in the favor of the global nanoemulsions market and its applications in medical and other industries such as cosmetics and food and beverages. Factors such as technological progress in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, the rising rate of prevalence of a number of chronic diseases, rising awareness regarding the possible methods and means of treating chronic conditions, and the increased focus on the development of targeted delivery systems. Supportive government policies that are encouraging the development of the healthcare sector in developing economies and the rapid rate of new product launches are also driving the market.

Moreover, the nano size of particles in nanoemulsions makes them ideal for oral drugs as these medicines can be administered easily in small dosages, thus assuring the more efficient absorption of drugs and mitigating the potential threat of dose-related toxicity. Nanoemulsions have also been found suitable for use in parenteral administration owing to their excellent solubility in bio-degradable surfactants.

Which region/regions present most promising growth opportunities to global nanoemulsions market?

From a geographical perspective, the market for nanoemulsions in North America is presently the key contributor of revenue to the global market. The North America market is also expected to exhibit growth at a highly promising rate in the next few years. Several factors, such as the presence of well-established biotech and pharma industries, focus of pharma companies on research and development activities with the aim of developing novel drug varieties to outperform peers, and the rising prevalence of chronic diseases, are working in favor of the North America nanoemulsions market.

While North America is expected to continue to account for a significant share in the global nanoemulsions market in the next few years as well, it will be the market in Asia Pacific that will run the show. Rising disposable incomes and the changing demographic of several countries in the region, along with the rising rate of prevalence of chronic diseases will continue to lead to vast growth opportunities for novel drug delivery systems in the region, driving, in turn, the market for nanoemulsions. 


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