Need to Increase Safety and Put an End to Vehicle Thefts Increases Demand for Automotive End-Point Authentication

Stringent regulatory mandates automobile manufacturers across different countries to develop vehicles that have enhanced safety and security features. The leveraging of end point authentication is also one of the advanced technologies that are being implemented, aiming at stemming damages and thefts to vehicles. The global automotive end-point authentication market is thus expected to witness a healthy growth in the coming years. A report by Transparency Market Research forecasts that the global automotive end-point authentication market will rise from US$0.504 million in 2017 to US$1.115 million by 2025, expanding at an 8.6% CAGR from 2017 to 2025. 

Given below is a blog post, wherein TMR analysts answer three important questions pertaining to the global automotive end-point authentication market.

Q. What is the competitive landscape scenario of the global automotive end-point authentication market?

The global automotive end-point authentication market is fragmented and there are less number of entry barriers for new entrants. Huge capital requirement and resources are two top requirements for entering in the global automotive end-point authentication market. Thus, for most small and medium sized companies, it is not feasible to enter the market. Leading players within the market are making use of strategic mergers and acquisitions for strengthening their hold in this competitive market. This is also helping them to expand their reach and enhance their offerings. Another common strategy adopted by most leading players within this market is channeling their money into research and development. All these efforts by market players to enhance their positions in the market will create stiff competition in the market. 

Q. Which type of vehicle will lead in the global automotive end-point authentication market?

Of the conventional vehicles, electric and hybrid vehicles, the market for conventional vehicles has been leading. In 2016, the conventional vehicles segment accounted for over 50%. Also, the conventional vehicles segment will continue tp lead in the next few years. However, the hybrid and electric vehicles segment will also expand rapidly in the coming years as an increasing number of nations decide to go electric and green. 

Q. Which region holds attractive growth opportunities in this market?

Europe generated highest revenue in the automotive end-point authentication market, crossing 30% of the total revenue generated in 2016. Germany turned out to be  one of the most attractive market in Europe. North America held second position in terms of leading in the market. It accounted for 25% of the market in 2016, with the U.S. as a leading contributor in the region and 
a crucial market even globally. Asia Pacific secured a third position, accounting for 20% of the revenue generated in 2016. China is driving the market for automotive end-point authentication in Asia Pacific as it is equipped with massive resources and enhanced technological capabilities within the automotive sector. The demand for passenger vehicles in the fast-expanding emerging economies such as China and India are also expected to bolster the growth of the market in Asia Pacific. Demand for automotive end-point authentication will be moderate in Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa. The demand for advanced driver assistance systems in vehicles will be the leading growth driver for the Middle East and Africa. 


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