Thriving Asia Pacific Construction Sector to Remain Key Determinant of Growth Prospects of Global Ceramic Tiles Market

Ceramic tiles refer to a variety of tiles that are made from ceramics, which could be any combination of clays, sand, and a variety of other natural or synthetic materials. The combined strengths of the core materials make ceramic tiles extremely suitable for a number of applications in the field of building and construction, including tiling. These highly adaptable tiles can be easily used for purposes such as covering floors and walls at locations expecting high footfall as well, with their diverse styles suiting any setting, adding to it a rustic sense of style. Ceramic tiles are highly abrasion resistant and can suit well for use in commercial locations. Ceramics are also highly durable and resistant to fire, allowing ceramic surfaces longer lifespans as compared to other materials. Also easy to maintain, clean, and care for, ceramic tiles form an ideal option for a variety of applications in the construction sector.

The rising numbers of construction activities across the globe, especially in developing economies, in the recent past has granted vast growth opportunities to the global ceramic tiles market. According to a recent market research report by Transparency Market Research, the global ceramic tiles market is projected to expand at an impressive 9.80% CAGR from 2016 to 2024, rising from a valuation of US$76.81 bn in 2015 to an opportunity of US$178.1 bn by 2024. 

In this post, TMR analysts highlight some of the key trends associated with the global ceramic tiles market:

Which regional market has the most promise of growth for the ceramic tiles market?

Asia Pacific is the chief manufacturing hub of ceramic tiles on a global front. Known to be one of the fastest growing regions in the global ceramic tiles market, Asia Pacific held a nearly 66% of the global market in 2015. A leader in terms of both consumption and manufacturing, Asia Pacific has become the preferred location for several leading manufacturers and vendors in the global ceramic tiles market. 

As ceramic tiles play an important part in the construction industry owing to their use in a variety of construction applications, the state of the global construction industry is a good determinant of the overall state of the global ceramic tiles industry. In Asia Pacific, a general rise in construction activities owing to rising urbanization, improved GDPs, and rising per-capita incomes has propelled the demand for a variety of ceramic tiles, especially across India and China. Accounting for more than 36% of the global population collectively, these two countries present vast growth opportunities for a market such as that for ceramic tiles, which is a key part of any construction activity.

Which product variety witnesses the most promising demand?

In terms of the variety of ceiling tiles available in the market, the segment of floor tiles is presently the one that grosses the largest share of revenue on a global front. While the demand for other varieties such as roofing tiles, wall tiles, and ceiling tiles has also remained promising in the past few years, the high rise in the number of renovation and new construction activities across airports, transport infrastructures, hospitals, and educations institutes are expected to result in a better growth curve for the floor tiles segment in the near future. As such, the floor tiles segment is expected to remain the top grossing segment in the global ceramic tiles market in the next few years as well.


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