Demand for Gummy Vitamins to Soar as Cases of Under-nourished Children Increase

Among children, gummy vitamins have gained much popularity as this product was pitched as a good alternative to bitter pills. Now however, adults who are health conscious and wish to have better life expectancy are also consuming gummy vitamins. This has resulted in the growth of the global gummy vitamins market. Growing number of cases where people are under nourished and increasing number of children suffering from malnutrition specially in developing nations will also help escalate the demand for gummy vitamins. According to Transparency Market Research (TMR), the global gummy vitamins market is anticipated to rise from US$2.68 bn in 2016 to US$4.17 bn by 2025, expanding at a 5.2% CAGR between 2017 and 2025.

In the following blog post, expert market analysts from TMR answer three important questions regarding the global gummy vitamins market:

Q. Which type of gummy vitamin will be more in demand?

Gummy vitamins are of two types single and multi vitamins. Of these, the demand for multivitamins is much more on account of the growing popularity of these supplements and the development of new formulations, which have improved taste and shape. Multi-vitamins are gaining comprehensive supply chain and distribution management of nutritional supplement. In the years to come, it is expected that companies will have superior production facilities all across the globe and offer innovative products. In the years to come, the single vitamin segment will also witness healthy growth on account of the growing demand for Vitamin D supplements across people belonging to all age groups. Also, the growing usage of omega-3 DHA among pregnant women will push the growth of the single vitamin market.

Q. Which regional segment will witness maximum demand for gummy vitamins?

The high uptake of dietary supplement among the health conscious adults as well as old age people wishing to up their daily nutrient intake have led to North America being the leader in teh global gummy market. Others factor fueling the growth of the market are high disposable income of the people and the growing number of product developments by key and keen players. North America is anticipated to expand at a 5% CAGR from 2017 to 2025 and be worth US$1.64 bn by 2025. Europe is anticipated to be the second leader in the gummy vitamins market after North America. The European market will be worth US$741 bn by 2025, driven by a strong demand for this product as well as innovations in the gummy vitamin formulations. The factor that is restricting the growth of the gummy vitamins market is the stringent regulations regarding these supplements in Europe.

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Q. Which factors will restrict the growth of the global gummy vitamins market?

The side effects relating to the overconsumption of gummy vitamins is a major challenge which is hampering their demand and the reason why people are refraining from consuming them. Also, several nations in the world have strict regulations that limit the consumption of gummy vitamins. In the under-developed or developing economies, the awareness about the benefits of gummy vitamins is low. This is also acting as a growth impeder. The risks associated with daily consumption of any vitamin are creating negative publicity and this will deter many people to seek alternative ways to healthy and balanced diet and lifestyle.


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