High Demand from Construction and Oil Sector Boosting Growth of Sodium Lignosulfonate Market

The global construction industry is thriving, benefitting the sodium lignosulfonate market. As the demand for admixtures in the construction sector is increasing, the demand for sodium lignosulfonate is also rising. This is because admixtures based on sodium lignosulfonate are highly in demand. The global market for sodium lignosulfonate is also growing on account of the use of this product as well additives in the production of oil. According to a market study presented by Transparency Market Research (TMR), the global sodium lignosulfonate market will rise from US$306.47 mn in 2016 to be worth US$446.14 mn by 2025, expanding at a 4.3% CAGR between 2017 and 2025. 

In the following blog post, TMR answers three important questions relating to the global sodium lignosulfonate market:

Q. Which will be the most lucrative regional market for sodium lignosulfonate?

As of 2016, Europe held 35% share of the market’s revenue, contributed by Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Spain, the U.K., and Poland. However, Asia Pacific will surpass Europe in terms of offering the maximum growth potential on account of the high import and export of sodium lignosulfonate in China. The demand for sodium lignosulfonate based concrete admixtures is anticipated to rise significantly from Thailand, India, China, and other countries in the Southeast of Asia. As of now, North America is among the top three consumers of sodium lignosulfonate, contributed by the U.S. 

Q. What are the primary growth drivers for the global sodium lignosulfonate market?

An increase in the population is creating a heightened demand for infrastructure development. The construction industry is thus growing, which in turn is benefitting the growth of the global sodium lignosulfonate  market. The increase in the number of renovation of older buildings will also help boost the demand for sodium lignosulfonate in the years to come. The demand for this material is high on account of the low cost factor, which makes it ideal for cost sensitive, developing economies in the world. The demand for water-reducing chemicals is increasing among the emerging nations and this will also drive the consumption of sodium lignosulfonate. The market is also receiving impetus from the growing upstream and downstream industries within the oil sector. The increased efforts to boost oil production in the Middle East so as to serve the high demand from downstream industries will aid the growth of the sodium lignosulfonate market.

Q. Which type of sodium lignosulfonate will witness higher demand and why?

Of the two different types of sodium lignosulfonate available in the market, viz dry and liquid, the market for dry sodium lignosulfonate is much more. The market for dry sodium lignosulfonate is leading both in terms of volume and revenue. The high demand for dry sodium lignosulfonate is attributed to the high applications of this type, including dust suppressants, animal feed binder, gypsum boards, and obviously concrete admixture. 


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