Global Viral Conjunctivitis Pipeline Drugs Market Driven by Prevalence of Disease

The sheer contagiousness of viral conjunctivitis that is rated among one of the most common eye disorders. A number of research and development activities are currently underway to find an adequate cure and consequently, a strong pipeline of drugs are expected to gain approval for commercialization in the near future. According to a fresh business and commerce publication by Transparency Market Research (TMR), the demand in the global viral conjunctivitis pipeline drugs market will increment at a phenomenal CAGR of 69.60% during the forecast period of 2020 to 2023, representing an opportunity which will translate into a revenue of US$462.4 mn by 2023.

Widespread unmet demand, particularly in vastly populated emerging economies and promising pipeline are two of the key drivers of the global viral conjunctivitis pipeline drugs market, which on the other hand is hindered by low rate of diagnosis and self-limiting condition. There is a strong need to speed-up the commercialization the programs. It must be noted that not even a single drug has so far been approved by FDA. The analysts of the TMR report have also highlighted growing investments on rigorous R&D activities and strengthening of commercialization infrastructure to open new revenue avenues in the market during the forecast period.

Which market segments are poised for greater growth?

Based on drug type, the global viral conjunctivitis pipeline drugs market has been segmented into APD-209 and FAST-100, with the former expected to hold considerably highly demand share than the latter. While the APD-209 is projected for a CAGR of 55.0% during the aforementioned forecast period, the demand for FST-100 is primed to expand at CAGR a comparatively sluggish CAGR of 27.40%. Foresight Biotherapeutics Inc. initially started developing FST-100 until its acquisition by Shire Plc during the process. The second phase of clinical trial of the drug was completed in May 2014 and it entered the phase III in 2016. Adenovir Pharma AB is the parent company that is developing APD-209 and the novel drug is currently undergoing phase II clinical trial.

What is the nature of competition among the market leaders?

The analysts of the TMR report have detected that the viral conjunctivitis drugs are in transitional phase as there are no defined solutions or drugs that are available for proper treatment. A number of companies have invested on research and develop activities in order to produce an efficient solution. Some of these companies are NanoViricides Inc., Allergan Plc., Panoptes Pharma GES.M.B.H., NovaBay Pharmaceuticals Inc., Novartis AG, Adenovir Pharma AB, Shire Plc., and NicOx S.A. Even in the near future, the competition among the market leaders is expected to remain high, with product development as the primary strategy to gain shares. A number of key players are also expected to indulge in merger and acquisitions as it not only enhances their product portfolio but also strengthens their distribution network.

Which country is providing for the maximum demand?

The TMR report has identified the U.S., the U.K., Australia, Germany, Brazil, and Japan are six of the most prominent country-wide markets in the global viral conjunctivitis pipeline drugs market. Based on the ongoing trails, the report has highlighted the U.S. as most lucrative country-wide market, owing to several clinical trials that are currently underway as well as growing awareness related to eye care among a larger pool of patients. The demand in the U.S. viral conjunctivitis pipeline drugs market is projected to increment at a CAGR of 46.50% during the forecast period of 2020 to 2023.


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