Marine Cables and Connectors Market Gains from High Adoption of Fiber Optic Cables in Telecommunication Industry

The global marine cables and connectors market is anticipated to attain a significant prominence due to the important application in the integration of a variety of systems and subsystems across various industries. In 1850, the first underwater cable was installed to deliver telegraphy traffic. The demand for marine cables and connectors could increase in the near future because of the staggering rise in the need for high and reliable efficiency, connectivity, and performance. On account of their high-speed and efficient data transfer capabilities, the telecommunications industry is witnessing a high adoption of fiber optic cables.

Transparency Market Research (TMR) projects the global marine cables and connectors market to grow at a 5.3% CAGR between 2017 and 2025. The market could be valued at a US$14.0 bn by the concluding forecast year. In 2016, it achieved a valuation of US$8.8 bn.

A leading company operating in the global marine cables and connectors market, Eaton Corporation plc will be announcing its Q4 2017 earnings on February 1, 2018. For 2018, the company expects its effective tax rate to stay between 14.0% and 16.0%, representing a 3.0% increase over its estimate of 11%-13% prior to the impact of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) in the U.S.

What Factors Helped Europe to Sit over Major Market Share?

Followed by Asia Pacific, Europe is envisioned to take a commanding position in the world marine cables and connectors market due to primary factors such as early adoption. The region already showcased its supremacy in 2016, giving market researchers a clue of its foreseeable dominance. In terms of rate of growth, Asia Pacific could outstrip other regions of the market in the coming years. The growth of Asia Pacific is prognosticated to get help from the impressive increase in the upgrade activities of infrastructures across data centers. Furthermore, the massive investment in the telecommunication applications of marine cables and connectors could support the region to sustain its place in the market.

The U.S. boasting of a strong presence of a number tech giants is predicted to set the tone for a valuable growth of the world marine cables and connectors market in North America. There could be promising growth prospects taking birth in the region owing to the worldwide expansion of top companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Facebook. This led to a vast increase in infrastructure upgrade activities, thus promoting the demand for marine cables and connectors in the region.

Which Segments of Market could Demonstrate Dominance in Future?

The international marine cables and connectors market is prophesied to testify of the substantial increase in the application of connectors on account of the latest developments in telecommunication and power transmission industries. However, more could be expected of cables as the projected segment by type is forecast to take hold of a king’s share in the market. If underwater depth is taken into consideration, the beach joint 2 market is prognosticated to rise at a higher CAGR because of the significant rise in the installation of telecommunication and power network lines.

While there could be various end-use industries demanding marine cables and connectors at a high rate, telecommunication is foreseen to make its presence known in the near future. In 2016, the industry claimed a major share in the international marine cables and connectors market.


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