E-liquids Market to Expand on Account of Rising Popularity of E-Cigarettes across the Globe

The global market for e-liquids is expected to surge ahead over the coming years on account of the rising popularity of e-cigarettes. E-liquid usually contains water, nicotine, propylene glycol, and flavourings, and it is used to fill up vapour products such as e-cigarettes. The ingredients of e-liquids may vary but the proportion of glycerine and propylene glycol is usually fixed at 95%. Over the past decade, e-cigarettes have been promoted and marketed as a fitting substitute to normal cigarettes, which has driven demand within the global market for e-liquid. Unlike the smoke of nicotine produced by tobacco products, the nicotine contained in e-liquids is released in vapour form which is less harmful than the smoke form. Hence, it has become evident that e-liquids are a better option for vapour products, and this has enhanced the growth prospects of the global market. The manufacturers of e-liquids have extensively promoted the advantages of e-cigarettes and other vapour products in order to derive demand from their popularity. While the nicotine content in e-liquids varies between 0 to 20 MG/ML, the most popular form of e-liquids contains 12-18 MG/ML of nicotine. 

This blog attempts to bring out the significance of e-cigarettes for various end-use industries and also elucidates the drivers of demand within the global market. The regional segmentation along with the strategies of the leading market players have been included in here. 

How does Cigarette Smoking Bolster Demand within the Market?

In recent times, the number of people addicted to smoking has increased by leaps and bounds. This has brought several cases of cancer and respiratory disorders to light and has forced the healthcare sector to take pragmatic actions. Hence, several campaigns have been launched to portray the ills of smoking and a number of people have become aware of the abysmal consequences of addiction to cigarette smoking. Since it is difficult for chain smokers to quit smoking immediately, they start out by shifting to e cigarettes. As the demand for e-cigarettes increases, the market for e-liquids is also expected to expand over the coming years. Some of the flavors available for e-liquids include tobacco, menthol, dessert, and chocolate. Amongst these, menthol liquids are in great demand across the globe and have fetched a commendable market share. 

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What are the key Strategies of the Market Players?

The market players within the global market for e-liquids have been promoting the benefits served by e-cigarettes. This is done because the growth of the e-cigarettes market would directly aid the growth of the market e-liquids. Furthermore, the market players have been steadfast in ensuring that the untapped regions are covered without any delays in order to expand their profit margins. 


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