Environment-friendly Nature of E-coats to Help Global E-coat Market Gain Steady Traction Globally

E-coat or electrocoat, the low-cost, high performance, and environmentally-friendly immersion technique, is a highly automated coating technique that results in a uniform film build, high performance finish, high yield rates, and excellent color consistency. All these salient features of the technique makes it a popular coating option for job shops and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who finish parts. For years, companies in the global e-coat market have worked closely with a number of industries, developing electrocoats specifically matching their needs.

Owing to sustained demand from key end-use sectors, leading vendors in the market have ramped up their research and development efforts, creating new and innovative e-coat products and systems that continue to improve the standards of part finishers for a vast variety of applications. According to a recent market research report by Transparency Market Research, the global market for e-coats is expected to expand at a healthy pace over the next few years.

Environmentally-friendly Nature: E-coats are manufactured using compounds that have low volumes or traces of volatile organic compou

nd products, which is why they do not lead to the emission of hazardous air pollutants. Moreover, e-coats produce low volumes of solid waste as compared to other conventional coating mechanisms. Owing to these factors, e-coats are acclaimed by environment protection proponents and end-use industries alike.

Increased Uptake Owing to Stringent Pollution-control Regulations: The increased uptake of e-coats in the past few years has also been triggered due to the significant rise in regulatory factors, including bans on several coatings with high VOC content, government funding and encouraging reforms promoting the increased usage of cleaner coatings, and several strict environment protection and emission-control regulations across developed as well as developing economies across the globe.

Constant Rise in Demand from Automotive Industry: The automotive sector remains one of the key consumers of e-coats, accounting for a large share in the global market revenues and new growth opportunities. The steadily expanding industry continues to use e-coats for coating parts and accessories in automobiles for effective corrosion and chemical resistance, thus extending the life of vehicles. Over the years, companies in the market have continuously advanced to meet the specific demands of the automotive sector, introducing products such as lead-free electrocoats and two-coat electrocoats for providing added chip resistance and superior corrosion resistance on welds and edges.

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Increased Demand across Construction Industry: Used for a variety of decorative and architectural coatings, e-coats are also witnessing a promising rise in demand globally owing to the thriving construction sector, especially across emerging economies in regions such as Latin America, South America, and Asia Pacific. Factors such as rising population in urban areas and the consecutive rise in demand for new housing projects and infrastructure development activities can be attributed to the excellent pace of expansion of the construction sector in these regions. These trends are expected to remain strong in the near future as well, providing a push to the global e-coats market in turn.


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