Cost Effectiveness of Solar Cookers Market Driving Demand

In the recent past there has been an increased awareness regarding the uses of renewable energy as well as the varied usage it has in daily activities that has led to boosting the solar cooker market's growth, states Transparency Market Research (TMR). It is proven that solar energy is capable of generating energy, plus because of the rising growth in the Solar PV market, there has been an increase in the usage range of the solar energy. Solar cookers are high in quality and are very helpful in stopping the nutrients from leaving the ingredients of the food. 

Factors Boosting Growth of Solar Cooker Market:

Solar cookers are not bulky and because of this they can be retailed without any obstructions. 

Heavy expenses are often a big reason that slows down renewable form of energies but the same is not applicable in the case of solar cookers as they are cost efficient and so their prices never come in the way of their growth.

Using these cookers does not incur heavy maintenance charges, which further attracts more and more customers to purchase them.

The making of solar cookers does not need a high investment either which also makes it a lucrative opportunity for its manufacturers.

The prices of liquefied petroleum gas as well as natural gas has been growing across the globe, which has created a stable requirement for substitute fuels for domestic reasons. 

Using solar cookers minimises the usage of fossil fuels noticeably along with preserving energy in the long run.

The rural places in the regions of Latin America and Asia Pacific are the future markets for solar cookers. The rural regions also rely to a great degree on liquefied Petroleum gas also known as LPG, dung cakes, as well as firewood to cook and for other daily household activities.

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Solar Box Cooker Witnessing Highest Demand 

On the basis of the way in which they are constructed, they are broadly divided into solar panel cooker, solar parabolic cooker, and solar box cooker. Presently, it is a solar box cooker that is most widely available in the market as solar box cooker has a larger life while requiring little to no attention while being operated, along with being safe. A solar panel cooker includes a pot or a pan that is covered with either plastic or glass that nestles on a reflective panel and the reason behind this is to improve the concentration of the rays of the sun that ultimately leads to better performance of solar panel cookers. The third type, which is the parabolic solar cooker, have the capacity to sustain and generate comparatively higher cooking temperatures than both the panel or box solar cookers. The parabolic solar cooker are mainly taken into use for purposes like frying, grilling. However, one disadvantage of parabolic solar cookers is that they require attention as they need to be adjusted accordingly in order to get the best out of them.


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