Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) Coating with High Biocompatibility and Decreased Cytotoxicity Earns Massive Demand in Medical and Biomedical Industries

The global diamond-like carbon (DLC) market is anticipated to find large players showcasing their command in terms of share. DLC manufacturers could bank on new prospects created as a result of continuous research activities conducted in the medical, electronics, and automotive industries. Most leading players such as Miba AG, Morgan Advanced Materials Plc., and Oerlikon Group are observed to establish their production bases in Austria, Belgium, Germany, and the U.K. Guidelines of Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) are causing the focus of medical device manufacturers to be more inclined toward greener engineering technologies, and DLC coating materials are one of them.

Northeast Coating Technologies’ Kennebunk facility has been provided with another cutting-edge TSD 850 PVD/PACVD machine. It counts as the fifth DLC coating system with large capacity added to the facility with a view to satisfy rising demand for high-quality DLC coatings supplied by the company.

The global DLC market is foreseen in a report by Transparency Market Research (TMR) to expand at a 6.4% CAGR between 2017 and 2025. In 2016, the market achieved a valuation of US$1.3 bn.

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Demand for High-performing Automotive Components Opens up New Avenues

Medical equipment coated with DLC could be substantially produced as it attracts attention from manufacturers in the medical industry. Medical manufacturers are observed to be encouraged by swelling demand for the amorphous carbon material in the manufacture of anti-debris forming, biocompatible, anticorrosive, and wear-resistant devices.

Demand for DLC is expected to improve on the back of increase in the requirement of high-performing and wear-resistant automotive components.
Capable of reducing the friction coefficient, high-performing DLC coatings could achieve demand in the manufacture of locking systems and other automotive components.
Rise in demand for DLC coatings in the manufacture of engine components for racing cars could up market growth in the near term.

Low Friction Coefficient Boosts Potential of Hydrogen-free DLC in Automotive

DLC finds application in various end-use industries such as aerospace and industrial, cosmetics, electronics, medical, packaging, and automotive. Amongst these, the world market for DLC is projected to testify the rise of the automotive industry as a leading end user.

Automotive components are researched to significantly improve their tribological properties as DLC coatings help accomplish a superior surface finishing.
Automobile manufacturers are observed to focus on the use of DLC to minimize loss of friction in high temperature and stress contact operations.
Hydrogen-free DLC coatings are used in automotive applications to enhance engine oil binding and form firm ultra-thin films after the inclusion of special oil additives.

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Dominant Europe Draws Higher Number of DLC Customers to Take Driver’s Seat

In 2016, the international DLC market witnessed the lead secured by Europe accounting for a 40.0% share. The regional market has been expanding its customer base because of the presence of several top companies operating therein. With that mentioned, the global market could offer profit-making opportunities in other regions as well.
  • For instance, improving economic conditions and increase in automobile import are prognosticated to act as crucial factors for the rise of Asia Pacific.
  • Japan and China implementing nanotechnology policies could magnify DLC demand in the foreseeable future.
  • Importing considerable volumes of DLC from the U.S., Latin America is said to be a key net importer.


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