Focus on Development of Water-based Release Coatings Market to Become Strong as Concerns Regarding Harms of Silicone-based Coatings Rise

The global market for release coatings continues to advance at a healthy pace as demand for these coatings across industries such as food and bakery, hygiene, and medicine and healthcare remains strong. The market has witnessed the emergence of a number of new players in the past few years owing to the steady rise in growth opportunities from conventional applications as well as a good rise in new application areas. Owing to the vast rise in competition, companies are being compelled to plough in more resources in the development of innovative products to serve the dynamically changing consumer demands in a better way.

According to a recent market research report by Transparency Market Research, the global market for release coatings will witness an upward growth trajectory in the next few years.

Listed below are some of the key trends that are expected to prove crucial for the future state of development of the market:

Rising Usage in Labels: The overall global demand for release coatings comprises a large share of contribution from the labels industry. Release coatings are used in labels owing to their vast advantages in primary as well as secondary labels. The high tensile strength of release coatings along with their high resistance to wear and tear allow them to be used across all varieties of labels efficiently.

Presently, the labels application of release coatings presently accounts for the largest share of revenue for the global release coatings market. The application is also expected to continue to serve significant demand in the near future as labels continue to acquire newer applications across a number of industries for purposes as vivid as identification, instructions for use, information display, advice, or advertising.

Increased Uptake of Silicone and/or Fluorochemicals-based Release Coatings: For achieving the desired level of resistance to humidity, release, hydrophobicity, and a variety of other functions, most release coatings used today are based on flourochemical technologies and/or silicone. These materials provide release coatings the essential qualities, but they also lower down the environment-friendliness aspect of these products, making it difficult for industry players to adhere to the principles of recycling and reducing to stay green.

In case of labels made with the use of silicone, the separation of silicone-based release coating from the release paper for the paper to be recycled is a highly expensive and difficult procedure, owing to this, vast volumes of label backings produced across the globe end up in landfills. Release coatings based on flourochemicals have several environmental and potential health risks. Thus release coatings based on flourochemicals, which are often manufactured transported in solvent form, also lead to a potential hazard during shipping. Additionally, when the release coating is applied during the production of label backings or finished tape products, the necessity that the substrate must be dried results in the volatilization of the solvent and the release of VOCs, which can prove to be a potential health hazard due to exposure to workers.

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Rising Investments in Research and Development of Eco-friendly Release Coatings: So as to find a solution to these challenges, companies operating in the field of release coatings are focusing more on the development of water-based release coatings that are free of materials such as silicone, formaldehyde, alkyl phenol ethoxylate-containing surfactants, and VOCs or solvents. Owing to development efforts from a rising number of companies, the new classes of water-based release coatings that are being introduced in the market come with a range of performance features, all of which are more beneficial than the commercial products currently available in the global release coatings market. This focus on the development of novel varieties of water-based release coatings is expected to remain strong in the near future as well, thanks to the vast rise in stringent environment-protection regulations being instilled across a number of industries.


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