Industrial Coolants Market Witnesses Increased Focus on R&D Activities Concerning Nanofluids

Industrial coolants are a variety of fluids that are used for heat transfer in systems that undergo massive changes in temperatures often and require cooling down to save them from eminent mechanical breakdown and failure. In automobiles, if oil is considered the lifeblood for the engine, a coolant is like water that helps the body dispel heat. Coolants are thus of critical importance in a number of industries for products, processes, and systems that undergo or maintain heavy-duty machining operations such as cutting and drilling.

The global market for industrial coolants is expanding at a significant pace and is witnessing a vast rise in the number of innovative products being introduced to cater to a variety of applications. The market is expected to exhibit an impressive growth pace in the next few years, with demand remaining high across emerging economies in regions such as Asia Pacific and Latin America that have witnessed a steady rise in industrialization activities in the past years.

Given below is a list of trends that have majorly affected the scope of development of the global industrial coolants market in the past years:

Rising Demand from the Thriving Global Automotive Sector: The automotive industry is one of the present times most lucrative and promising consumers of a variety of industrial coolants. Owing to the cut-throat level of competition in the market, automotive companies are putting in their best efforts to bring forth the best vehicle designs according to aspects such as fuel consumption, performance, safety, and aesthetics. The heat exchangers found in vehicles in areas such as AC evaporator and condenser, radiator, and charge air cooler play a critical role in the overall weight and also the design of the vehicle’s front-end module, which plays a key role in the aerodynamic behavior of the vehicle. Owing to this factor, the choice of coolant for the industry is an important decisive factor when it comes to how the vehicle will fare in consumer markets in longer runs.

As the automotive industry expands at an impressive pace across the globe, especially across emerging economies with the rising population of affluent middle class people, the focus on development of effective coolants suitable for popular vehicle types has also increased. This factor is expected to continue to remain a key enabler of healthy growth for the global industrial coolants market in the next few years.

Increased Focus on Use of Nanofluids for More Effective Product Varieties: Research in the field of nanofluids as potential heat transfer fluids has significantly increased in the past few years. Owing to active R&D efforts in the field, a number of highly efficient nanofluids with improved thermo-physical characteristics and heat transfer performance have been introduced in the global market in the past few years. Many research bodies have actively dived into the analysis of heat transfer enhancement that the use of nanofluids can lead to. 

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A number of coolants containing nanoparticles have demonstrated interesting characteristics during experiments concerning their use in vehicle radiators. Nanofluids have demonstrated good potential when it comes to the improvement of heavy-duty engine cooling rates in vehicles by improving the efficiency of cooling, bringing down the complexity of thermal management, and reducing the weight of the vehicle.


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