Ready-Mix Concrete Mixtures Market Demand to Prosper from Rising Infrastructural Developments in Smart Cities

Concrete is a core component of any building materials used for a variety of construction activity, civil engineering works and structures, roads and developments, and infrastructural projects. The usage of ready-mix concrete has redefined the pace of the rapidly evolving construction industry world over, particularly in several industrialized nations. Their demand in a wide range of construction projects ups the quality of construction, brings sustainability and economy, and speeds up their completion. 

Characteristic Benefits of Ready-mix Concrete underpins Rising Demand 

Ready-mix concrete, as opposed to on-site concrete mixing, is the concrete mixture made elsewhere in a cement factory according to a defined set proportion and then delivered in a ready-to-use form at worksite with the help of a transit mixer truck. The mixture is either delivered in a dry state or in a plastic state ready for use. 

Advantage over  On-Site Concrete Mixing Undeniable 
The marked precision of proportion with which concrete mixtures are manufactured and at large commercial scale underpin their advantage over on-site mixing. These ready-to-use mixtures usually made in a batch plant using automated machinery is considered largely as environmental-friendly.  Its usage ensures that the construction site is clean, with less disturbance to the surrounding, and with reduced chances of confusion among construction workers at the actual site. Further, the making of ready-mix concrete allows for meeting the rising demand for several customized concrete mixtures at scale.  Hence it is increasingly being demanded in urban sites. 

Factors on which its Practical Benefits Hinge on 
According to Transparency Market Research, on account of these characteristics, the demand for ready-mix concrete in the building and construction industry is likely to expand at an attractive pace. However, ensuring the required stability of ready-mix concrete when it has to be transported over long distances and the lack of flexibility in the supply chain are some of the vital concerns that need to be addressed to make its usage helpful. 

Trends Shaping Demand Dynamics, New Construction Projects to lead the Way 

The increasing adoption of automation in construction projects along with the emphasis for making the process less labor intensive has fortified the uptake of ready-mix concretes. A growing number of mega government construction projects bordering on smart city initiatives in several emerging economies has bolstered the demand for ready-to-eat mixture. The need for reducing waste at construction sites and the consistent demand for obtaining high-quality concrete are boosting the market. The emerging customized applications in construction projects and small businesses at homes has propelled the market to advance at a lucrative pace. 

However, since ready-to-mix need advanced equipment setting up such batching plants may be a costly affair. Moreover, the problem of traffic snarls caused by these ready mix trucks may also be downside to their demand. Nevertheless, the demand for new construction projects that stress on quality assurance throughout bolsters the demand for such ready-mix concrete mixtures. Rapid advancements in machinery both in batching plant sites and in the trucks used for dispensing the mixture onsite will create new trajectories in the growth of the ready-mix concrete market. 

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Mergers and Acquisitions to define pace of Competitive Dynamics 

Several players in ready-mix concrete businesses are entering into acquisitions and mergers of their operations, which is increasingly expected to benefit end users. Grupo Cementos de Chihuahua, or GCC, under a regulatory approval secured in June 2018 that it has acquired cement plant Three Forks, Montana from CRH plc., a Dublin-based building material company, while the latter will acquire ready-mix concrete asset from GCC. The Mexican cement producer hopes to capitalize on the potential of cement network of CRH. Such regulatory approvals for a type of purchase-sale transactions are likely to up the ante in the market. The rapid pace of urbanization in several economies of developing regions, notably Asia Pacific, is creating large lucrative revenues for market players. 


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