Growth in Personal Care Industry to be Beneficial to Uptake Sandalore Market

Sandalore has positive effects on proliferation and cell migration. These are unique effects which were not seen in any natural sandalwood oil or other synthetic sandalwood odorants. These experiments are expected to widen its applications in the medical sector. This is expected to boost further demand for the Sandalore in upcoming years. 

In addition, its chemical properties such as insolubility in water, solubility in alcohol, high boiling point, and low molecular weight makes it compatible to be used with various products. Sandalore has excellent effects in human tests, skin abrasions heals 30% faster. It is effective in aging skin and new treatments to promote. Owing to these advantages of product, demand for Sandalore from cosmetic industry is rising. It can be used in cosmetics as skin-cleaning agents in products such as deodorants, creams, talcum powder, tablets, and liquid soaps. Growing awareness about hygiene and personal care has boosted demand for these products substantially. The trend of using Sandalore in cosmetics is expected to propelling growth of the Sandalore market. 

Here are some of key pointers for players wanting to know more about the Sandalore market: 

Sandalore’s odor is quite similar to sandalwood. It is powerful, and tenacious, and diffusive product. Due to its odor it is used as substitute for sandalwood in perfumes to achieve the rich, warm, and natural fell of sandalwood. Its usage as a sandalwood flavor in perfumes is driving growth of the market. 

Widening Sandalore’s usage in medical sector owing to its wound healing properties is rising, however, its application in personal care products, perfumes, and cosmetics are primary applications. The product will be tied up with its identity as flavor in the perfume industry. Growing personal hygiene products industry is expected to propel growth of the Sandalore market substantially.   
There is not any specific challenge for the players in the market, however, some people may feel irritation in the eyes, skin, and respiratory system in case of direct contact. The market has economic outlook is very good. 

 The product is used in quantities such as around 0.1%, 1%, and maximum up to 10%. 
Sandalore is extensively used in the wide range of industries including personal care product, cosmetics, and toiletries. Among them, personal care product is accounting for the major share in the global revenue of the market. 

Among the key regions including North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific is experiencing faster growth in the market. Rising awareness about hygiene in Asia Pacific is fuelling demand for the personal care product, which in turn, driving growth of the Sandalore market. In short, rising disposable income in the developing countries is driving growth of the Sandalore market and expected to continue its dominance over the global market.  

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Whereas, supply-side of the market is experiencing the intense competition owing to presence of large number of players in the market. The compound was developed approximately before four decades, hence, it’s a mature market in terms of suppliers. Some of the key players operating in the global Sandalore market are A.C.S. International, Associate Allied Chemicals, Azelis, Berj√© and Parchem, Indukern F&F, Lansdowne Chemicals, and Nanjing Kaimubo.


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