Leading Three Factors Driving Halal Ingredients Market

Halal’ comprises the certification in accordance to Muslim law of not just food, but also cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, toiletries, and health products, along with packaging, financing, marketing and others. The Halal industry thus comprises of several components, out of which halal ingredients are a key element and is expected to gain substantial traction in the coming years. Halal ingredients thus refer to the ingredients which are permissible to use according to Islamic law, such as plants, vegetables, fish, halal meat (wherein the animal is slaughtered according to sharia rules). 

Here are the 3 leading factors impacting the global halal ingredients market according TMR’s analysts: 

Surge in Muslim Worldwide

It is estimated that approximately over twenty five percent of the worldwide population is will comprise of Muslims by 2030 as compared to the nearly twenty percent in 1990. The growth rate is considerably swifter than any other religion. Additionally the growing purchasing power of people of the Islamic nations because of the rapid development in their economy, particularly in Middle East and South East Asia is a noteworthy factor contributing to the development of this market.
Increased Demand for Organic Products Worldwide

Additionally, utilization of halal products among the non-Muslim populace is on the rise globally, due to the health and hygiene maintained by Halal conformations. There has been a major rise in the consumption of products with halal ingredients in the markets since people around the globe are becoming conscience about healthy and safe products. Modern consumers are eco-ethical conscious and are willing to pay premium price for natural, organic and earthly products. This a key factor pushing the growth of the global halal ingredients market. 

Strategic Moves by Leading Vendors
A number of enterprises are focusing on capitalizing on the rising demand for Halal certified products, and the Halal packaging market is expected to gain momentum in the coming years. The changing global trends such as globalization, e-commerce and surge in awareness among the public of new ways to ensure that the products they are using are Halal certified, are the key factors driving the Halal ingredients market over the globe.

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Geographically, Asia pacific and Middle East are dominating the global halal ingredients market. The maximum population of Muslims are located in south Asia and pacific regions in countries like Indonesia, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh as a result the halal ingredients certifications are growing in these regions. 

Prominent vendors in the global halal ingredients market are Amara cosmetics, Burger King Corporation, Tesco Stores, Shiseido Co., Ltd., Beiersdorf, Unilever, Nestle Pvt. Ltd, and Lush Retail Ltd. 


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