Rising Population of Vegan and Gluten-Sensitive People Globally to Drive Demand for Hemp Seeds Market

Hemp seeds are known to be an excellent source of protein and find increasing use in packaged foods such as pretzels, cereals granola bars, , and bread. Of the variety of hemp-based products available in the overall market, including oil, seed, protein, hemp seeds are the predominant segment, accounting for a massive share in the overall hemp-based products industry. Hemp seeds are finding increased usage in a variety of food products owing to their easy digestibility as these seeds are free of allergens, gluten, lactose, pesticides, phytoestrogen, and genetically modified organisms. Hemp seeds are also a good source of minerals, vitamins, and fiber. Hemp seeds contain all the 20 amino acids in our body’s proteins, including the 9 essential ones (EAA’s) which our body cells cannot manufacture.

The rising awareness regarding the health benefits of hemp seeds are leading to their increased demand across the globe. It is thus expected that the global hemp seeds market will exhibit a promising pace of expansion over the next few years.

Listed below are some of the key trends associated with the market: 

Rising Trend of Veganism: Hemp seeds are considered an ideal ingredient for a variety of vegan recipes and continue to see increased demand across the rising varieties of vegan foods. As the population of vegans, people who abstain from the use of animal products, especially in their diets, increases massively, the demand for hemp seeds is also expected to witness a good rise. Rich with amino acids and proteins, hemp seeds allow the proper balance of essential nutrients for vegans who essentially abstain from animal proteins, which are otherwise the easiest ways of including protein and nutrients in diets. Moreover, hemp seeds have better digestibility as compared to other plant proteins, making them more desirable over other nuts and edible plant seeds.

Increased Demand across North America and Europe: The market for hemp seeds has witnessed a vast rise in adoption from across region such as North America and Europe in the past few years. The vast population of gluten-sensitive consumers in these regions is one of the key factors to have enabled this scenario. The gluten-free nature of hemp seeds, along with their flexibility in use across a number of recipes and food varieties make them an attractive food candidate for the gluten-sensitive consumers in these regions. As a rising number of companies come ahead with new products using hemp seeds, these regions are expected to continue to remain key consumers of hemp seeds in the near future as well.

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Increased Demand for High-protein Foods from Across Emerging Economies: With rising disposable incomes, an increased exposure to world foods through the internet, social media, and supermarkets and hypermarkets, the consumer across developing economies has become more open to adopting new and nutritional varieties of food products. This trend is expected to have promising outcomes for the global hemp seeds market as well, as the demand for healthy snacks, a food segment which is one of the leading consumers of hemp seeds, is also significantly rising. 


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