Top Factors Driving Pro-Diet Bars Market, Read More to Find Out

Pro-diet bars are protein bars that contain high proportion of protein. Health and wellness market are witnessing high demand for these bars, owing to increase in awareness towards health & wellness among consumers. A wide range of nutrition bars are available to cater to the increasing consumer needs, among which pro-diet bar is one of the highly demanded nutrition bars. Pro-diet bars have increased acceptance among the consumers driven by its nutritional attributes. It has less carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals, but high protein content, which serves best for consumers who are on protein diet, sportspersons, and gym enthusiasts.

Pro-diet bars market primarily target the audience who demand protein sources that do not require any preparation. Pro-diet bars market is expected to grow over the forecast period attributed to the high demand among fitness freaks and athletes.

Some of the key factors driving the global pro-diet bars market, according to analysts from TMR, are as follows:

• Swaying Consumer Perception towards Health Supplements

With the rising awareness towards nutritionally balanced food, consumers are turning towards health supplements such as fiber and protein powders, bars. They believe that the consumption of these supplements can help them maintain their nutrition levels appropriately. Thus, this is driving the popularity of products such as protein bars and boosting the sales of the global pro-diet bars market in the forthcoming years.

• Rising Number of Fitness Enthusiasts

A key trend in the past years has been that of rising fitness consciousness among the population. With social media penetration, a large number of people are influenced by goals set by celebrities regarding healthy living and a sculpted body. This is a factor augmenting the demand for quick and efficient results for a perfect body in the masses, making pro-diet bars a popular choice among consumers. This trend is likely to impact the global pro-diet bars market to a large extent.

• Variety in Taste/Flavors Provided by Manufacturers
While health/protein supplement are generally bland in taste, manufacturers are coming up with new and innovative flavors and tastes in their product, in order to gain consumer’s attention. This is an effective marketing ploy to capture audience as well as generate revenue. This is a leading factor pushing the emergence of the global pro-diet bars market.

Pro-diet bars, in spite of offering multiple benefits face few restraints that hinder the growth of the pro-diet bars market globally. In order to enhance the taste to make it edible manufacturers add sweeteners such as sugar alcohol which have high chances of causing stomach upsets, bloating, flatulence and diarrhea. They also add high fructose corn syrup which can disrupt the metabolic syndrome. Such factors could somewhat restrain the market development.

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Some prominent players in the global pro-diet bars market are Xterra Nutrition, General Mills, Naturell, Coca-Cola (Odwalla), Promax Nutrition and Nestle (PowerBar).


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