Top Factors Influencing Apricot Oil Market

Apricot oil, extracted from apricot fruit seeds, is generally blended with various other essential oils. Also called apricot kernel oil as derived from kernels, i.e outer coat of apricot fruit. Now, apricot oil is used in various cosmetics and health supplements. It is majorly used in body massage and aromatherapy. The product finds application in several industries such as food, medical, cosmetics and others such as pharmaceutical and spa. The multitude of uses of apricot oil is a key factor impacting the emergence of the apricot oil market in the years to come. 

Here are some top factors influencing apricot oil market according to analysts from TMR, are as follows: 

High Utility in Personal Care Products

The prime factor responsible for propelling the global apricot oil market size in future is the rising demand for essential oils in different applications such as spa, skin care & cosmetics, and hair care. The increasing demand for cosmetics & numerous skin care products as well as relaxation and spa activities among consumers shall fuel the product demand in the coming years. In case of cosmetics, the product is used in massage oils, soaps, creams, balms, skin care lotions, etc. as a flavor and fragrance ingredient owing to its mild and non-irritant characteristics. As it is readily absorbed by skin, it is preferred in body lotions and moisturizers.
Rising Awareness of Product’s Medicinal Properties

The product has many medicinal advantages such as use in treatment of wheezing cough and fever, reducing earache and inflammatory properties that aid in relaxing sore muscles. In pharmaceutical industry, it is mainly used as sedative and carrier oil in pharma products. The product is a prime ingredient in aromatherapy due to its Vitamin E content. 

Side Effects of Product May Hinder Growth  
The major challenges to apricot oil market size in future is the high amount of amygdalin content in it which gets converted to cyanide in body. Headache, nausea, vomiting and dizzy feeling are some of the side effects of cyanide poisoning, thus limiting its utilization in edible applications. 

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Geographically, North America accounts for the substantial revenue share in the global apricot oil market, owing to high health consciousness among consumers across the region. Europe is followed by North America in the global apricot oil market with significant value share. Asia-Pacific is expected to expand at a relatively high growth rate in the apricot oil market, attributed rapidly growing population, increasing demand for aromatherapy and healthy oil options. 

Prominent vendors operating in the global apricot oil market include Larenim Ltd., Shea Moisture, lantlife, Physicians Formula, Josie Maran cosmetics, Hobe Laboratories Inc., Life-flo, Starwest Botanicals, Fit & Fresh, Lotus Touch, Aura Cacia Pre de Provence, and Physicians Formula. 


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